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    2nd Annual Colorado Winter Hang - 14-16 Jan 2011 - Rampart Reservoir

    Well folks, we're getting to that time of year when a whole lotta' snow is falling in them mountains, and I'm jonesin to put the winter gear to the test (without dogs, this time!).

    I'm thinking that we'll probably end up doing this sometime after the new year, but it's never too early to start planning, talking about the location and timing - so what do you all think? Any ideas for the best weekend to do this, or where you'd like to get together?


    UPDATE (13 Jan)

    The plan is to camp this weekend, Friday 1/14 through Saturday 1/16. Since it is a holiday weekend, some folks might stay the extra day until Monday 1/17.

    We will be hanging at Thunder Ridge campground at Rampart Reservoir. Just Jeff has provided a map of the area. Parking is at the gate at Rampart Range Road (map), which will be closed. It seems as if that road might be used occasionally by the forest service, and possibly even plowed, so try not to block the gate. From the gate, it is about a 1.5 mile hike to the campground. Tentatively, we will congregate around sites 12 and 13. The bathrooms closest to those sites are closed down, but there are pit toilets about 1/3 of a mile away, at the entrance to Thunder Ridge.

    Other random notes:
    - Some of us will be bringing fishing poles and seeing if they are biting
    - Temps look to be fairly mild, especially compared to how they have been recently
    - The spigots are turned off - pack your water in, or plan to melt ice or snow. There MAY be water in streams to filter.

    Originally Posted by Just Jeff
    Sounds like most folks are comfortable with Rampart Res and no one said it doesn't work for them, so let's make it official.

    Fri-Sun, 14-16 Jan 2011
    Rampart Reservoir
    (maps above...I can make more detailed ones if needed)

    Pot Luck Dinner on Saturday Night

    Expect lows of 0F...we'll check the forecast as it gets closer.'s pretty easy to find. Plan on 30 minutes from Woodland Park.
    - Drive to Woodland Park on Hwy 24
    - On the Southeast of Woodland Park, on Hwy 24, you'll see a McDonalds...turn onto Baldwin St (it deadends into 24 at a traffic light).
    - Drive north on Baldwin for about 5 miles, not making any turns. You can just follow the signs from here and ignore the rest of these directions...
    -- You'll pass the school on the right and a few neighborhoods.
    -- After the neighborhoods, this becomes Rampart Range Road.
    -- At one point, you'll come to a "sort-of" Y in the road, where it becomes a dirt road if you go almost-straight, and the paved road curves sharply to the right. STAY ON THE PAVED ROAD. There's a sign here pointing to Rampart Reservoir. You'll start climbing up a pretty steep hill. Look at the house on the right...they have a pretty cool ice garden.
    -- This becomes a dirt road.
    - About 5 miles from McDonald's (I think it's just under 5 miles), you'll see a sign for a right turn towards Rampart Reservoir. Just follow the signs.
    - The road to Rampart Reservoir will be on the left, with a big sign at the intersection. At the intersection, you'll see a small parking area and a big gate across the paved road. Crawl thru the gate and start walking!

    If you want a map of the area, go to Google Maps and "Get Directions" from "McDonalds near Woodland Park" to "Rampart Reservoir."
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