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    On the down side you woke to a case of CBS. On the bright side you slept good till then. You also learned a valueable lesson that you will never forget nor repeat.

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    Sorry about the CBS. Your bad experience (in the woods we call this an adventure) is something I have been pondering. Thanks for sharing.
    On a different note, where were you in the Apalachicola National Forest? Just wondering, I lived very close to the FT for a number of years.
    Ken T.

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    In my experience in temps below 32°, I've found the need for a UQ protector is often not needed unless there is a breeze that may suck the warmth out of the UQ. Wind appears to be more of a problem than just cold temps alone.

    I handle a stiff breeze by hunkering down my tarp against the windy side and closing the doors. Still plenty of ventilation at the ridge line opening. With this arrangement typically, and with a stiff wind, the condensation issues on the underside of the tarp is minimal or non existent and the UQ heat loss is also reduced.

    The Mt Rogers hang the other year saw 8-9°, and the Snugfit without the UQ protector did a fine job at keeping me warm. Understand I had a vapor barrier between the hammock and UQ for condensation issues, but had no problem staying warm without the UQ protector. And don't forget the hot water in the Nalgene bottle to keep the toes warm and provide unfrozen water for the morning!

    This year I'm trying out the Advanced Medical SOL material made into a vapor barrier to test the heat reflective properties. Can't wait. I was out this past weekend in wind gusts exceeding 35 mph and temps recorded 19.9°. I had a UQ protector in place but at 1 am removed it when I noticed dampness under the Snugfit. Stayed warm the rest of the night without it.
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