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This made me think of another possibility.
Has anyone tied the SG tarps like a hex (as patrick did) but with the ends still in place? Then taken the triangles and pointed them back under the hammock?
It would look kind of like a tiefighter if you looked at it from an end
WAs that clear?
I don't think the are tie-outs exactly where you would want them to be to do this. (You might have to move the tie-outs down to the corner of the seam.)

I thought about that too, it would give you some (minimal) wind protection from one side or the other... I was thinking though that with the triangles cut loose, I could tie them on wherever I needed some extra protection. If that means tying them back on to where they came from, then that's an option as well.

With the hex shape, there are a lot of different configurations you can make with loose triangles... (i.e. tying them both on the windward side, end-caps, etc.) they wouldn't be completely wind-proof or rain proof, but it could help in a pinch.