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a 13' ridgline mean is what you get from a 9.2X9.2 square. so you must be planning to cut a lot off of it, maybe turn it from a square into a diamond?

a 12x12 square has a 17' ridgline. if hung diagonally.
Yea, 17' is WAY too long. I CAN hang that far, but that is at the end of my range, & I'm nearly touching the ground by then. What I'm going for looks like the MacCat or BlackCat. About a 13' ridgeline with about a 4'9" bottom edge giving me side walls of about 4'10". I'm going to use the same cat cut as on the tarp. Oh, BTW; I just got the tarp. Will work on it this weekend.

Jazilla: Nope, not condensation, it was/is free flowing water I got my butt wet Tuesday PM (or Wed AM, I'm not sure). It actually aint no thing, I fix good soon. & if I never fix it, maybe I'll remember to not rig in such a way that I touch the sides during a rain storm. The nylon dosn't seem to be coated at all, I did learn that if I rig very tight (in other words, the right way) it "leaks" less. I did start to have a problem with small leaks on the tarp ridgeline, stopped with just a little seamsealer (1/3 of a small bottle coated both sides+ of the 13' seam)