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I actually just called Noah Lamport today. Their number is 323-582-7684. Their silnylon is $3 a yard. The colors weren't to appealing to me, they had a couple blue colors, orange(might be kinda cool for hunting season) silver/grey, purple and a few more I forget. I'm thinking of attempting to to make a micro type tarp. Keep in mind Shugs is 11' x 6' and most fabric comes in 60" - 64" wide from my findings. If you wanted to make it wider you'd have to use two rows of fabric and waste a lot (could make stuff sacks. But the micro is only 60"(5') wide so you could make that.

Also here is the link to blackbishop's black cat tarp if you decide to go diy. http://www.teamgunnparker.com/blackc...k_Cat_Tarp.htm. If you decide to go diy may conside the cat cuts. Are they worth it? Maybe just addition tie out will take care of the tautness issue, it'll be more simple to make and more coverage.

Silnylon - $12 (through noah lamport)
Polyester thread - $5
Grosgain ribbon - $3 (if you want)
Nylon webbing for tie outs - $3
Reinforment fabric for tie outs ?

Tarp looks amazing Shug. Is that fabric one piece or is it seamed? If so where did you find it that wide?
The sil/grey is the basic color all the tarp makers use. I recall recently someone buying the Taupe color and liked it alot. Not sure if that is still one of their choices