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at your weight, dl1.1/1.0 vs dl1.7 will be same flatness, dl1.1/1.0 would probably be more comfy for you actually as going overkill on the fabric causes more of a knee ridge for some
I didn't want to hijack a different thread, but Brandon's reply on that thread intrigued me.

I'm 6'0" and weigh in right now about 225. I'm back on my workout regimen and hope to be down around 200 in 3-4 months.

I've spent ~10 nights in my 1.7 BB dbl. I've had a couple of those "perfect" hangs with very little knee ridge pressure, and have had a couple of hangs where I just had to get out and re-adjust to get a good hang. I know it's all in practice, practice practice... but...

Reading Brandon's response made me wonder if I might get a better hang from a 1.1 dbl rather than a 1.7 dbl???

Has anyone else compared the two?

I'm leaning towards just buying one and trying it out. I can always re-sell it.