Hi everybody! I've been hovering around the forum for a few months now and thought it might finally be time to introduce myself. I got hammocks for my wife and I earlier this year, and haven't looked back. I picked up two hammock bliss mosquito free hammocks. I've been happy with them, other than the amount of stretch that the material has.

I'm constantly trying to re-invent the wheel (aren't we all) with new spins on old ideas. My main focus tends to always be "what's the cheapest way I can get the same result?" That's only taken me so far, so eventually I'm going to have to pull out the wallet.

I'm in the middle of my first DIY project right now. I'm attempting an underquilt using hardwood floor underlayment as my insulation. It was going great till I picked up some new thread that ended up being terrible. I'll get back to that this weekend. Of course I haven't finished my first project, but I'm already thinking of ways to improve it. I snagged three pieces of the stuff that covers tvs during packaging to hopefully turn into my second underquilt.

I love to hang, any time I can. At work, we have a scissor lift that, when the deck is fully extended, is just the right length to hang inside the basket. I work with a fellow forum member, and we'll often hang for lunch while we cook with our backpacking kitchen setups. Glad to be on the forum and can't wait to continue my decent into full blown addiction.