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    Anyone go webless?

    I appreciate the function and especially the environmentally sensitive nature of tree huggers. I noticed a couple older videos where the "tree huggers" were simply knotted paracord.

    My question is whether anyone out there has dropped the weight and just stuck to cord? Perhaps a 3/4 length of web (usually have enough to double it) and for the times I don't I don't think the extra cord length would do much damage if any to a tree. Or better yet, a half width web (it just seems to me that one width of seatbelt which will hold a 500 pound man in a car going from 100 to 0 in a half second is overkill for a 180 pound man slowly climbing into a hammock held up by two of these things).

    Don't get me wrong, I'd never do something like this in a park, but I haven't seen any discussion on alternative strapping.

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    This comes up fairly often. Here's a good thread about it, and how to protect the trees while using them.
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