I'm still hemming and hawing on making an underquilt. As a confirmed DIYer, I have learned that you better plan on making two to get a keeper. Because of the expense of down, I'm trying to avoid making two this time.

So, I'm fiddling with a poncho liner UQ to get some mileage in the back porch test lab. when doubled, it's the right width, but 16 inches shorter than the 78 inch full size. I am rigging (and I do mean "RIG") with paracord and knots.

I gathered the ends with safety pins and a thru cord. that's marginal too.

I am a diagonal hammock sleeper. The banana position just doesn't work for me.

I'm wondering if any one can point me in the right direction for rigging. I saw shug's deal on the mid point line over the ridge line, but haven't tried it yet.

How good are the "triangle thingies" Haven't tried those yet either.

I just thought I'd ask because there's a lot of experience around here. Any help appreciated.