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    That Military Goretex bag cover is a nice piece of gear, too nice to hack it up and make a hammock undercover from it. Sleeping on a GI cot with a camprest with that bag system is almost as comfortable as a hammock...notice I said almost.

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    I have the full 3 piece system that comes with that bivy sac and was wondering if anyone else did and what they thought of it in temps below 20. i have used the black bag alone in temps to about 30 and was fine but have not put the whole system to the test. I once spent a very cold night (prol around 30) in the green summer bag by catfish firetower in jersey and was cold but lived. mind you i had on full fleece and thermals under the bag so im guessing the black bag would take me to some decent temps. i have not tested the bivy sac but it looks like one rugged piece of gear to me, i keep it in my car with the summer bag at all times for emergency's. normally i will hike with just the black 0 degree bag. anyway if anyone has the full sleep system and can give me advice on thier experiences with it i would appreciate it very much. thanks

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    The whole system works as advertised. There are apparently a couple of us on the board who have used the system in Korea during winter. It was really cold, but the black, green, and bivy on top of a pad was comfy. Wear some additional clothes if you need to, but the system will definitely work as advertised. The big drawback with the system is it is heavy and bulky. It was really cool and new in 1999-2000 timeframe, but there are a lot of other options. If you don't mind and want to save money it is a great setup.

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    It is a good system but I'm only 5'8" so it was WAY too long for me. I think the whole system should be warm down to zero F, I never took it that low so I can't say for sure. That green outer bag was what I used most but since it is even larger (its an outer bag) if fit me like a sack. I usually use it like a quilt.

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    I have taken it down low enough that my boots where frozen in the morning. Served well in Korean winter with only poly pros on. This is a great system but it is heavy. If you are looking for a rating on the bag , that will have to be determined by you. Everyone sleeps different. Try it below freezing but bring an extra insulating layer or a silk liner until you are comfortable with its temp rating.
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