So I've been reading alot lately about bushcraft. I'm intrigued by the concept of primitive shelters and some of the physicis behind them. I came across the concept of the Mors Kochanski Supershelter (Not to be confused with the HH supershelter) over at BushcraftUSA.

Here is a link with a description

So, my question is...could you use this with a hammock in lieu of proper winter gear? I imagine a set up with a clear painter's dropcloth over a ridgeline with one side facing a small/medium fire (appropriately spaced to prevent melting etc.) with a mylar space blanket or two attached on the inside of the opposite side to reflect the heat from the fire back into the hammock. Sides taut to the ground and some sort of doors on the sides that can be opened/closed to vent as I figure condensation could be a beast.

In Dual Survivor, Cody Lundin used this concept to keep the inside of his ground shelter at near 70 degrees in Nova Scotia with below freezing ambient temps. If this could work with the hammock setup, I might be able to camp in the winter until I can afford some good gear! I'm afraid to try though as I'd hate to set myself and hammock on fire Any of you engineer types out there have ideas how to make it work? Or is it just a terrible idea?