Ok you guys I got my Hennessy 4 Season system in the mail today to go with my HHED. It's 23* now at 5:30 p and the low predicted at a mild 19* so I think it will be the perfect first night with it.
I will be sleeping in a MilSpec Sleeping bag and a US Mil issue wool blanket tonight. I have two other bags to test at some point. One 40* and one 15* rated bag. Now I am a warm sleeper so I will be in a T shirt with waffle LJ's and sweets, a fleece beanie, and wool fingerless gloves with some additional items to test. The only problem I forsee is keeping my 125 lb German Shepard from trying to climb in with me. Guess I will take the door knocker (Neoprene handle polynylon composite night stick) with me.