Maybe I am reading some posts wrong, but the space blanket location seems to shift from post to post. I don't have a double layer, so from the top down, is it?
1. Me, pad, hammock, space blanket, underquilt ( the location of the SB, mainly to protect UQ from moisture?)
2. Me, pad, SB, Hammock, UQ?
3. Me, SB, pad, Hammock, UQ?

Also, I have been warm enough without feeling gaps in my 3 S "Phoenix", but this weekend I will be in colder temps, so I wanted to rig up the extra shock cord suspension for the UQ to prevent the cold air gap that may happen. I am not sure of the exact location to sew on the little tab, as Shug did. So I am packing some shock cord and 2 biggish safety pins, so when I find the right spot I can run the pins through the groisgrain at the edge of the UQ. Is there a reason why this would be a bad idea? Could it damage the UQ, if there is not much of a pull to the pins? How else could my shock cord location be adjustable? Would it be better to weave the pins in and out a couple of times, so that each hole has less tension on it, or is that even worse?
Sorry for the lengthy post and thanks for all the help you have been giving me here.