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    Site Selection

    There has probably been discussion on this before but I couldn't find it.

    The more I know, the more I want to know.

    I'm on vacation, and just went out for a dayhike with my traveler. It was sunny in the high 30's with a half inch/inch of snow on the ground and it was breezy.

    I found a nice set of trees that were behind a very nice small horseshoe-shaped hill with the trees almost totally shielded from the wind. So, I didn't have to worry about wind.

    I was, however, in the shade all day. It wasn't an issue; but when I broke camp, I realized how much warmer it was in the sun.

    So what do you look for in a site, sunny or wind-shielded?

    My first inclination is to go with wind shielded because just because it's sunny when you set up, doesn't mean it will be sunny for long.

    Any other considerations for site selection?
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