Hey everyone,

I just got in from the Heart of Dixie Hang and wanted to post a few pics. We had about 8-9 people there last night. I was the last to arrive and couldn't manage to find the group so I set off my car alarm to get their attention. Yeah I felt like a goob lol......

Came in setup and sat around the fire for a while. Got up this morning and looked at everyones gear plus alot of folks were swapping various stories of the outdoors. My phone had very scattered service but I received an email from my wife saying that there was a storm warning for weather to drop into the teens, 25-40 mph winds, wind chills of -5* to 5*. I was 250 miles from home so decided to head out and come on home. I hated to leave early but I didn't want to risk driving home tomorrow with any bad roads.

Here are a few pics:

This morning everyone eating around the fire ring:

Bama was making a fashion statement

My new setup. WBBB, JRB Mt Washington 4, JRB High Sierra Sniveler, WB Big Mambajamba Spin tarp

I think this was Bama's setup

I didn't get a chance to discuss this setup but I believe it was mostly self made gear. It was a pretty cool setup

The first time I got to see one of the Kelty tarps in action

Studying a couple of packs since I have been in the market.

Buffalo Skippers dutch over. He made some good grub for everyone for breakfast.

This was Buffalo Skippers tarp. I don't remember the name of the company making them but it had a pretty neat shape to it.

I had a great time and look forward to meeting up with more in the future. I sure hope the weather doesn't get too bad for them tonight and the weather forecast was a little overstated.