Just finished a cold weather test in my back yard. Temp dropped to 30, but winds were consistently 20 to 30 mph (forecast says gusts up to 40 mph). My tarp (MacCat Ultra) was set up perpendicular to the wind, and I had my new Grizz Beak on one end. I did have a space under the tarp (about a foot), so some wind did come through but it didn't see that bad.

I was using my 3 season incubator, and was warm for the most part, but did sense a little CBS and cold feet at times. I just got a UC but didn't use it as I was a little worried about condensation (had recently read the post on this being an issue sometimes with a sil nylon UC). I was using a 20 to 30 degree mummy bag as a TQ, but ultimately ended up in side it and also another 50 degree bag. That solved the problem for the most part, but jockeying 2 bags in a hammock can become work really fast.

I know that I need to add some shock cord to keep the UQ from sagging/slipping, but does anyone have other suggestions? With the kind of wind I had, should I have been using the UC?

Trying to get the bugs worked out before going to BSA Winter Camp. The low last year got down to about 12 degrees, so I know that it can get cold. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.