A few friends ,and I headed down to Kiptopeak VA. for some trophy Stripedbass fishing out of the kayaks. We rented one of the cabins at the state park. To bad the weather turned for the worse. Air temps in the mid 20's, and water temp droped into the upper 30's. This shut the fish down. We did get out in the kayaks though before the weather turned even worse, and I did get to do my first below freezing hang. I brought my B/M stand down with me on the roof of my jeep, and thats where I hung Friday night. I used my NX150 with Z-liners, and a No Snivler top quilt with no tarp. It was 24*, there was a lite wind, and the skies where clear. I had a toasty night except where one of my shoulder keeped hitting one of the kayaks. In the morning there was a good deal of frost on the out side of the hammocks weather sheild. If I would have turned the hammock around there would have been plenty of room for my shoulders between the kayaks.