After a few busy weeks of work, travel and crazy schedules with my hiking buddy, I decided to do a little day trip on the Florida Trail. The closest trail head was the Olustee Battlefield State Park. I arrived around 7:15am and was on the trail by 7:30.

By 7:45, the weather had decided not to cooperate with me and I found myself walking in a nice steady rain. It was off and on for an hour or so, and about that time I started looking for a place to setup camp for a few hours. Unfortunately, most of this section of the trail has lots of undergrowth, so it took me around 30 minutes to find a suitable spot to hang.

Once camp was setup, I fired up the stove and had some cheesy bacon grits for a late breakfast. After breakfast, I kicked back, relaxed and listed to the rain fall on the tarp.

An hour or so later, the rain let up and I headed on up the trail. From the trail head to my turn point was around 6 miles. I was home and showered by 3:30 or so. Pretty easy hiking as the trail around here is very flat. Looking forward to the Florida hang in January!