Can't wait to see the pictures, Jeff!

If you want to borrow a MMGBox to compare and review, let me know!

Wish I had visited your web site before you came by last Friday... we would have talked flying and floating!

- MacEntyre


WLMiller54 is correct about the pocket. The best thing is to put an item in the pocket so that it sorta wedges in, because then you can open the top and toss it over the back or into the gear box, without it falling out. Last weekend, I clipped my first aid kit to the grosgrain loop instead of putting it in the pocket.

Did I mention that I put a grosgrain loop on the edge at the bottom of the pocket? I also put a shock cord ring in the loop. You can stake it out with that, and the loop can be used to hold the entire package together when the gear box is stuffed into it's own pocket.