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    I wouldn't worry about calling this one from the ashes scoutmaster. A discussion on wool and woobies is timeless and will probably come up many more times. I have carried both backpacking, but not for long trips, because of the weight, and even the short hikes got awful rough. It's all a question of priorities. If you are on a limited budget wool may be the way to go, but you will have to trade the weight off in other areas, or tough it out(which is rarely fun). I use the poncho liner, woobie, and wool blanket for ground camping, which i haven't done since discovering hammocks. Putting wool between the layers is a good idea. Now that I have a double layer hammock I may have to try this sometime.
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    I have a couple old wool mexican ponchos. I hadn't thought about putting the in a double layer hammock. I like it. What kind of temp rating do you think that could get? They are pretty thickly woven. Also would adding a pluq underneath be feasible?
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