Hello everyone, Il be ordering my traveler hammock soon and have a few questions. Let me start with a few details. I range from 160~180lbs @ a height of 5'11" Ill be using this hammock as part of my long distance kit. So both weight and durbilty are issues. I also plan to use my current bag & pad. Il buy quilts in future but we have to take this one step at a time. My first question is regarding weather a double layer is a necessity for pad use. Ive used a pad in a hammock before but ive never had the privilage of using the double layer. is it really so much easier to adjust the pad that that the weight penalty is worth it. So as of this second im torn between the double layer 1.1 and single 1.7 I also intend to use whoopie slings so which of the two suspension types that are availible with this hammock whould you recomend for this conversion. Thanks Again any and all comments will be conciderd . SAMOSET