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    10x8 tarp.. do I

    I'm making both my boys 10x8 tarps*, question I have is do I catcut them or leave them straight. I know I can do a shallow cat-cut but with only 4' per side coverage I don't want to take to much away. Or do I leave them straight and hope to find more sil and add a cat-cut strip on later?

    Right now I have a 9'x8' sil (non-cat-cut) and a 12'x10' cat-cut tarp. So I really only need one more for all 3 of us. But I don't want to have them fight over who gets the old tarp.

    *Note: This is the 14 yards of sil I got the other day, I want to make both boys tarps so by splitting what I have in half this is the size I came up with.
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