Ok, so I made a recent purchase of a WBBB, and after a few test drives found that it wasn't for me. Call me crazy, but I didn't like the closed in feeling with the net, and didn't like ducking under the side tie-out to get in & out. The shelf was cool, but not enough to out weigh the other stuff. Guess I'm just an open hammock kind of a gal. Luckily the Blackbird is such an awesome hammock I was able to find it a new home very quickly.
I've been using a Trek Light double this past summer and like it a lot. Comfy & simple. The only negative I've found is that after I get my optimal diagonal position, there's a lot of excess fabric flapping near my head & sides. I can almost wrap the extra fabric across myself. Not a big deal, but a minor annoyance. So now I'm wondering about a WB Traveler???? Same length as my TL double, but 13 inches narrower. TL double is 120 X 78, Traveler is 120 X 65. The Traveler is closer in width to a Trek Light single @ 120 X 60.
Any input from folks who have used either a Trek Light or Eno double, and also a Traveler would be lovely. Does the difference in width make that big of a difference in comfort. I'm 5'6" tall, and lets just say I'm more "full-figured" than "waif-like."