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    Opinions wanted: Dual 1.1 or single 1.5 Jerry hammock

    Next on my list is to integrate a bugnet into a hammock...

    My current DIY is a single layer 1.1, made from Sclittlefield's green fabric. It started as a piece of fabric 11' long, and is very comfortable. Since I'm 220lbs, I'm debating whether to go with a single 1.5oz/sq yd fabric or a double 1.1. I haven't owned a double before, but do use a pad under my feet Since I tend to wiggle a bit at night, I was debating getting a Gossamer gear pad and sliding it in between the layers of a double for my foot-pad.

    I have 2 UQs: KAQ lost river and recently finished my IX UQ. (I can't decide which is warmer!)

    My plan is to make something like the Jerry hammock with a footbox, aka a WBBB clone without the shelf.

    I'd really like to hear from those of you that have a DL WBBB and see if you use a foot pad between the layers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnSawyer View Post
    I'd really like to hear from those of you that have a DL WBBB and see if you use a foot pad between the layers.

    Not exactly what you asked, but mine is a single layer and my next will be a double layer so that I can put a pad between the layers... since I don't have $ for a "real" UQ, and my fleece and Nylon UQ offers little warmth.

    Also, having had a single layer hammock tear and drop my on the ground, the thought of dual layers offering some protection from a single layer failure is attractive to me.

    Between those two factors, I'm liking the idea of a double layer.
    Oh, and I thought I read that a double is more resistant to mosquito biting through the body fabric. That would be a plus as well, here in NC.

    My Frankenbird is very much like what you are describing, except that I have a shelf. I love it. My HH ULBA makes me feel incredibly clostrophobic, by comparison. With either single or double layer, I think you'll be happy with the design. Can't wait to see the pictures.
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