The standard BB has the zipper on the left, and the footbox to the right of center (I think). I prefer to have my feet to the left of center and head to the right, so I would want to get it reversed. Here's the rub - for some reason it feels a little un-natural to me to get into the hammock from the right side ... not sure why. Maybe I just haven't tried it enough. But I always tend to sit down with the head end to my left, and turn myself clockwise to get in the hammock. If like me you sleep lefty, that means you only end up turning your body less than 90˚ to get situated. I'll admit I don't quite understand why one would get in on the left to sleep with feet to right of center - you'd have to turn your body almost 180˚ - seems like more work.

That being said, can the footbox and the zipper be on the same side, or do they need to be opposite?