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    New OD Green Hammock Sock

    Hey all - I made a new hammock sock a few days ago and wanted to share some pics. I'll have the full description on my page at some point, but I don't know when I'll get around to it (busy with work and holidays, and internet isn't going to get in the way of me going camping tonight!).

    My last model (TravelPod) had the zipper right down the middle of the top (along the ridgeline). That was much easier to make, but I didn't quite like how it performed. When I got in and out, I had to twist the sock around so the zipper was along the hammock body instead of the I wanted the entry to be lower on one side.

    For last model and this model, I used a zipper that I cut off of a Walmart fleece sleeping bag. The bag is about $10 and has a long zipper; sewing shops may have a "sleeping bag repair zipper" that's 100" and is $15. With both of these, the length of the zipper somewhat limits the design.

    • One place where it limits is ability to put the sock on and take it off while the hammock while is hung. Last model, I sewed the foot end all the way, with just a hole for the hammock support to exit the sock. Then I could unzip the sock at the head end and "remove" it from the hammock by stuffing it into the Blackbishop bag that was already hanging on the hammock. I kept that design for this sock.
    • Since the zipper was along the ridgeline of the last design, it was a little tricky to lay with only my head poked out of the sock. Another reason I wanted the zipper to go down the side. With this design, I can either open the whole side of the sock and flop the door over, or I can zip it tight around my head to help with condensation while still keeping the warmth inside the sock.

    With the last design, I found that sometimes the sock would slip down over the hammock. I did two things to remedy this:

    • I put a little grosgrain loop on each end. With such small openings I'm not sure if I'll need it on this design, but if I do I can prussik the sock to the hammock support to keep it in place.
    • I added a velcro closure to keep the stress off the zipper at the head end.
    • In the pic below, the grosgrain is on the left and the velcro closure is on the right.

    I also just wanted one in OD I have it! I used a heavier fabric for this one since it's for Colorado's probably 1.5 osy or so but I didn't measure. Looks like 1.1 fabric with a heavier than normal DWR coating, if I had to guess...but it's noticeably heavier than normal 1.1 DWR. That will make the final project a bit heavier, but warmer...hopefully it won't have a noticeable impact on condensation.

    It weighs 10 3/4 oz (304 g). Now that I've gotten the design dialed in, I can probably save almost 2 oz by getting a smaller gauge zipper. And of course the fabric...could probably cut off ~3 oz with a lighter material.

    I also think I got the measurements about right for a 120" hammock with a 100" ridgeline this time. The attached pics are the sock over a WBBB. I'll make a graphic and post the dimensions when I get the page up.

    Leaving in a couple hours for a two-nighter in the mountains to test it out...expecting single digits and light snow. (Disappointed...we were forecasted to get ~12" Thurs-Fri but now it's down to a couple inches.) are the pics! Hope it spawns some ideas for other DIYers!

    (Also putting on a prototype Blackbishop bag with webbing pockets on the outside for the cords/straps.)
    Attached Images Attached Images
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