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Hi all, I recently got interested in hammock camping, and I've been looking at options at Hennessy and Warbonnet. The holiday deal at Hennessy is certainly tugging me in their direction. I have some initial questions about Hennessy hammocks.

1. I am almost 6'1" and weigh 220. From what I've read here so far, the Expedition is going to be cramped, so I'm looking at the Explorer Deluxe and the Explorer Ultralight. Am I on the right track as far as size?

2. Does the Explorer Ultralight sacrifice any durability in the name of weight? It's 13 ounces lighter (and only $20 more). How does the Ultralight save weight?

3. If I go with the Explorer Deluxe, regular fly or double-sized hex fly? Advantages/disadvantages of the two flies?

4. Bottom entrance or size zip? Advantages/disadvantages?

5. The free Scout Classic is not asymmetrical, so is it considerably more difficult to lay horizontally? This hammock would be for my 5'4" wife or for my (much shorter) six-year-old son.

Any info you can offer will be appreciated.
I would recommend the Explorer. Just keep in mind the UL has a lower weight limit. As to the fly, add the small surcharge and get the HHex fly. The Hex provides much better coverage, and space under to store gear, have a rest, etc.