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    CLOSED:Group Buy: Glow In The Dark Line-Lok Tensioners.

    This is a group buy for the glow in the dark (GITD) Line-Lok tensioners mentioned in this thread. Here's some info on the tensioners:

    These cleats really do glow. Put one on your bedside table and you will wonder where the light is coming from in the middle of the night.

    The Clamcleat® CL260 Line-Lok® cleat uses advanced tooth technology to hold securely all types of ropes and lines from 2mm to 5mm diameter. Quick and easy to tension and release. Will not shake loose, even in extreme conditions. Outperforms traditional alloy and plastic guy runners.

    The company got back to me with a quote including shipping. I was told it would take up to 14 days to receive the order from the UK. Here's the breakdown for the pricing:

    100 GITD Line-Loks = $.90 each
    150 GITD Line-Loks = $.86 each

    Since I will be ordering in quantity and to make things easier, I will only sell these in multiples of 10.

    10 GITD Line-Loks = $8.60
    USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail Shipping = 5.00
    Total = $13.60

    For each additional qty. of 10 add $8.60 to the total price.

    I will accept PayPal, cashiers check, or money order. I am not making any money for doing this, so if you pay via PayPal you will have to also take care of the fees ($.72 for 10 Line-loks).

    If you are interested in picking some of these up please reply in this thread with the qty. you want. I will let this run for a few days before I place an order.

    Order List:

    headchange4u - 20
    Cannibal - 10
    kohburn - 20
    NCPatrick - 10
    Greg Dunlap - 20
    pure_mahem - 10
    angrysparrow - 10
    Dutch - 10
    Iafte - 20
    southmark - 12
    qpens - 10
    cavediver2 - 10
    cameronjreed - 10
    Ewker - 10
    rasputen - 10
    GrizzlyAdams - 10
    drewboy - 10
    spaceweaseal - 10
    FanaticFringer - 10
    Funny Money - 10
    Amy - 10
    xirebos - 10
    Buckybuck - 10
    HappyCamper - 10
    cgul1 - 10
    Preacha Man - 10
    peanuts - 10
    nartoff - 12
    jeffjenn - 10
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