I ordered a WB Traveler (for my cold weather hammock) and also some TTs to fuss with attaching my NR DW UQ. This UQ is heavy and I was struggling to get it to seal against my WBBB, thus the TTs. Got the Traveler yesterday and set it up with the NR DW. It snugs against the Traveler much better than the WBBB but tends to drift more and is still not snugged up well enough. With the Traveler it is very easy to reach out and adjust but still not quite what I wanted. Today I got the TTs and some shock cord. The TTs are now attached to the Traveler ridgeline and the outside loops (leaving the middle ones free). This pulled the NR DW right up against the hammock and holds it in place! I can still adjust it but it seems to stay put very well when I do. I need to try out the set up with the WBBB but first the Traveler will need some nap testing (house pillow and mummy bag TQ) and perhaps an overnighter.

I left the UQ stock attachments in place as if the TTs are not there for now. Might try Shug's method of a shock cord across the ridgeline and attached to the two center loops of the UQ with a biner on one side but it probably will not be needed. Also want to find out how the TTs work when I remove the stock UQ attachments. More fun in the backyard lab...actually it is under our patio cover due to rain, I am too lazy to fuss with a tarp.

More later.