Hello All,

Getting very close to getting rid of all my extra gear.

Over the last two months I have gone from 16 pounds to 10 pounds base-weight.

My ULA Circuit has gotten replaced with a Hyperlite Mountain Gear Windrider and I just do not think I will ever have enough stuff to fill up a ULA Circuit anytime soon.

This is a size large. Extra-large hipbelt.

Somewhere around here I am suppose to have a pack cover for this, if I can find it, it will be included, if not, obviously won't be.

I will also include a green HammockForums.Net flag (ref) I have had sitting around!!

Price, including shipping, is $185.

Payment via PayPal "Personal-Gift" only

Shipping, CONUS only. There is probably no way I can get it to you before Christmas, unless you want to pay for FedEx overnight, but even at that, I am not sure they can get it to you in time, but, if you have the money to blow on trying to see if they can, I will get it to FedEx first thing Monday.