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    I made a nice UQ from the poncho liner It came out nice but the first time I used it I started to feel cold at about 62 degrees. I put a fleece blanket and it helped but I still got cold. I have read where people use poncho liners down to 35 degrees. The liners are not that thick and the insulation does not appear to be that warm. I would still like a nice warm weather UQ. I bought some fleece to add to it so that is my next step. Any suggestions would be great.

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    I just made a no sew PLUQ but have not had a chance to sleep in it. I did take it out for a nap after i made it last week. It was in the low 50's out and i was in jeans and a t-shirt. I layed for about an hour and i was warm the whole time. My feet got chilled as its only 2/3 length but other than that i was good. throw on my 15 degree bag and i could see geting into the 40's no prob, lower if i added a pad.

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