Slow 24 hrs at work yesterday. Had my tarp, straight pins, sewing machine & Grosse Grain ribbon. Plenty of time to do the deed. I even allowed for extra ribbion, or so Ithought. Worked 17 hrs friday PM, after 3 hrs sleep, I'm on way to another 12 hr PM shift, I decided to stop & get the ribbon, was going to get 48 feet, oh heck, I'll get 51. Sadly, 9 yards is NOT 51 feet! Yep, that is what I got, & I got what I asked for

Note to self, don't do math in your head when that tired.

Anyway, the tarp is cut: 13' ridgeline, 5'4" from ridge to bottom edge, 3' 10" bottom edge. AND, 1/2 of the grossgrain ribbon is inplace along with 3 of the 6 tieouts: The ribbon goes from middle of one bottom edge, to a corner, forms a tieout (reinforced) then continues to the next corner, etc. to the middle of the other bottom edge (that's where / when I realized I can't do math). I still had about 4.5' left, but figured that was a good place to stop.

So far it looks good, & I should finish by PM today & will test tonight.

Hancock fabrics was out of my first color, so I have 1/2 in medium green & the other in a sort of tan color.

Sorry, no pics. Don't have a sutable camera.