Have a question on what I think is the Neo tarp, the SG 12x12. Hoping that it will come back on SG.

The SG web site says that there are 12 tie outs, 4 on the corners.

Where exactly are the other 8?

Are some of them on the ridge line of the tarp?

If so how far from the corners are they?

My girlfriend says that the 12x12 will have a 17' (or almost) ridge line. So in order to tie off to the trees, it seems you would have to have at least a 19' to 20' separation.

What I'm wondering (hoping?) is that some of those tie offs are on the ridge line and allow less tree separation. Say 16'.

Hopefully ??

If there are no tie offs on the ridge line, is there a seam there to sew tie offs to?

If the 12x12 doesn't come back on SG, I may have to go with the Kelty Noah 12 on CampMor.com. Both are the same size and weight and both use polyester instead of nylon so they don't stretch when wet. Tarp tensioners wouldn't be needed.