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    pre Christmas overnight on the pine mountain trail

    I just got back from a quick overnight trip to the pine mountain trail at warm springs GA. My kids were in school Monday and Tuesday, I was off, so I decided to take a little hiking trip. The Pine Mountain trail is only 45 min from my house, so its really quick and easy to get to-------Ive been there hundreds of times! I parked at the roadside park/radio tower trailhead, and hiked to browndog bluff---about 6 miles away. Its was a beautiful day, 50 degrees and sunny---I didnt bring shorts, but if I had, I would have worn them! I took my time and had a delightful hike thru the south ga woods. I spent the night at browndog, and then hiked back to the trail head via the white candle trail. What was really neat was, last night I was laying in my hammock, watching the sun go down (beautiful sun set!) and shortly after was enjoying a full moon! ----I thought to my self, does it really get any better than this? It got down into the low 40s last night , but I was snug and warm in my peapod! As I was driving back to the house this after noon, it struck me how peaceful I felt, and that I definitely got my "wilderness fix"! I really seem to enjoy winter camping---its just got a different feel to it than summer camping (especially in GA--it gets pretty freaking hot!) Sorry, no pics----maybe next time! also, I used a backpack I have been designing/working on---it needs a few changes, but over all I was very happy with its performance!
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    Sounds awesome, wish I had time for some overnighters here and there everything is so much easier after some alone time in the woods
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    Very Nice!!

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