So I have the DIY No-Sew Poncho Liner UQ (PLUQ).

And a space blanket (SB)

Now, the PLUQ is 2/3 length....i.e.... folded the poncho liner in half (and space blanket in half). This combination of PLUQ/SB can get me down to the 40's no problem

Would I be served better by changing the PLUQ/SB to a full length UQ???? i.e...don't fold the poncho liner (or space blanket) in half...just use the poncho liner as an UQ with the space blanket in between me and the UQ

Or should I just leave it as before??

My thinking is....the poncho liner folded in half will give some additional insulation, but the SB folded in half doesn't add any additional insulation. So I would be served better by having a full length PLUQ/SB rather than a 2/3...right??