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    just to clarify

    there are 2 winter mamba models, the reg and the long/wide. the regular is going to be 46-47 through the elbow/mid-chest region, while the long/wide is closer to 55" or so in the same area. the long wide is great for fetal sleepers. i (5'10" 155#) can sleep fetal under the long wide without it coming un-tucked, while i can't do this with the reg. the difference in width between the 2 is noticeable

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    I have an ORM, (I have never used a Mamba) that I use exclusively as a TQ. The footbox is excellent for the warmth it adds. My only complaint is that it isn't wide enough for me at the shoulders.
    I am fat and very round, and no doubt not the standard size as you hiker types.
    I ride a recumbent.
    I like to HAM it up on the CW.
    I use Linux.
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    Of course I sleep in a hammock!


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