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    Rochester NY
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    I cant believe how many locals are members here, Small world I guess..Looks like my next step is to get a good list of things I need vrs things I want as far as gear goes.. Anyone know of a good list of things I can use as a guideline? As stated before most of my gear is for car camping, Some of it I may be able to use, but I doubt ill be able to strap my coleman grill, gaint propane bottles and 120q cooler on my back and be able to keep up with anybody

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    Straps, cinch bkls
    Greetings from Glens Falls, NY
    "Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime” Rupert Pupkin

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    Another hanger from Buffalo checking in. We need to have the Western NY Hangout some time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -FiveFiveSix- View Post
    Iv been hanging around the sight for a bit, I figured it was time to introduce my self.. Iv learned alot already just from lurking, but the more I get into this, the more im sure ill have specific questions. My Gf bought me a hammock for fathers day this year (eno dn) and that pretty much started the whole ball rolling.. Im not by anymeans new to the out doors, between working, hunting and fishing I spend more time outside then indoors.. I alos enjoy camping, and It never really occured to me to use a hammock, its one of those things thats just makes too much sense I over looked it.. Currently due to the weather im stuck hanging indoors. I dont have the funds right now to set up a cold weather rig, so the livingroom will have to do.. Newbie question...Is it normal to get excited when get the "YOUR SLEEPING ON THE COUCH" speech? I almost feel bad becuse its no longer a punishment, infact I sleep better in my hammock..... Anyway, Im looking forward learning more from this site, and perhaps even offering a few good tips my self..
    Hey. Welcome from Kendall, NY. I am a newbie also.

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    stock / webbing
    Greetings from downstate. West Point, NY

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