I took my HH hunting tuesday so I could camp and hunt again on Wednesday. This would be my first all nighter with the hammock as my previous hangs have all been for testing and such.

I was well prepared (so I thought) for cold temps (read 30's) and wind. We had the wind, but not the cold as it turned out. I think the low may have been 50 - maybe. It was quite warm and I was actually too warm which I think contributed to my not sleeping well. So I could not really test my cold weather set up which is a walmart blue pad with wings and a wool blanket on top of it. I ended up being way too hot with that set up including a Kelty light year 25* bag as an OQ. Lots of venting went on. All in all it was a success, but I do have some observations I would like to share and it may help others, and some of you may help me.

1.The wool blanket on top of the blue CCF pad slides too easy. This makes for an uncomfortable sleep as the wrinkles form and you move around.
2.Wings and a small extension on the blue CCF are key, but make the whole unit very large. Hikers would not like this, car campers will. I will be making a DIY AHE UQ in the near future. The CCF pad worked, but it is not ideal.
3. We had solid 20 knot gusts on the lake and the fly would blow onto the hammock. If I pitched it far enough off the hammock, wind blew through the mosquito net. My opinion is if it were raining I would have been soaked. I have concluded the stock HH fly is too small for nasty weather. There is not enough coverage from wind and rain. (somebody correct me on this one if I'm wrong).
4. I had the head of the hammock lashed closer to the tree than the foot end. This caused my to sleep "sitting up" a bit which proved to be very uncomfortable by morning. I would have been better laying flatter.

All in all, it was a good hang. I enjoyed the hammock and learned alot staying in it. I will say I like it better than a tent, but I have alot of adjustments to make with my gear. Thanks everyone!