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    Thumbs up 24-27F Spontaneous Yard Hang in MN

    Inspired by brother Shug and others, I set up my rig in the yard and had a fairly good 1030PM~430AM hang.
    My DIY Noah Lamport tarp is ...OK. The middle tie-outs are located too high, much to my chagrin. Crazy overkill, but I might add one in the middle a bit lower. Cheapy shock cord did the trick for those tie-outs, though. Haven't sealed them yet with thinned silicone.
    My under-the-tarp ridgeline is fastened to the tarp by prussics tied in 7/64th amsteel. Trucker's hitch and figure 9s on the RL.
    DIY UQ made from random garage sale down cannibalized from sleeping bag. UQ=modified Kelty +20 bag with kids down jacket. A fun night of sleep!
    Q: why does the need to relieve oneself vary inversely to the temperature?
    Whoo hoo!
    Jonathan in St. Paul
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    Haywire is my trail name, but I can't change it. Ha.

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