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Grizz, I know you have probably thought of this already, but if you would attach some of those loops/tunnels or hooks like Sierra Designs uses and slip the poles through the tunnels or hang the tarp from the hooks, it would make a domed or cylindrical shape on top. That would handle wind better as the wind would be able to somewhat vortex over the top similar to a true dome. Your stuff looks very nice and I can see how much fun you are having. Mule
Hey Mule--
How was the Hoosier National Forest last weekend? I was really tempted to try and connect with your party but couldn't swing it. We should call an HF hang down there sometime soon...there are a number of HF people within 3 hour drive of there.

On your idea, you're right, I did think of it, and did it as well. Here's the thread.

This forum is so busy it is easy to miss things, particularly if you're away from it for a while. When I started on HF I would try to read everything, but these days I rely an awful lot on the title of the thread to determine whether I'll look.