Ok, Ok. Truth be told it wasn't wild. But it was in Florida.

No trip to report, either.

But I did spend a great night last night (down into the low 30's) in my backyard. I like to do this every now and then just for the fresh air and to test sleep system variations.

I wanted to try my recently acquired (now "vintage") Golite Ultra 20 at near freezing. I was hanging in my BMBH (nicely lightened by Grizz) w/no tarp as it was a very clear night. The system was rounded out with my JRB Nest and a chunk of foam I cut and cored to make a plush neck pillow.

Clothing was thin poly base top & pants, with merino socks for coziness. Oh, and on my head (pulled down over my face for easy-breathing warmth) was my HF Buff!

I climbed in w/ temps in low 40's. When I got up to water the bushes it was 33*. I was a little chilly so I added my R1 hoodie but didn't use the hood, along w/my Blackrock beanie and was fine the rest of the night. I awoke briefly a couple times but was fine overall. That includes adding a 1/8" CCF under my butt as I was too lazy to adjust my Nest at whatever time it was. Slept til almost 9:30. THAT NEVER HAPPENS AT HOME FOR ME!!!!!!!!

I know it's nothing exciting, but hey - I couldn't take it to the woods, so I had to make do!

One more note on the pillow that may help others: The foam is about 4x4x10". I used scissors to cut a few holes thru it - makes it "squishier" and put it inside a velour bag - you know, the kind that nice dress shoes come in. Fleece comfort! I've used this for many years and am very pleased for hammock use. Also, a rolled up section of egg-crate foam (w/knobs facing out) work just as well.