I bought a roll of braided mason line to use as accessory cord and potentially to tie out my tarp, and in light of the frigid temps outside, have been stuck indoors. After making two hammocks, an UQ and a bunch of stuff sacks, and then putting whoopie slings on my DIY hammocks, my HHULBPA, and my ENO DoubleNest, I decided to try toying with the mason line.

I made a couple of mini-whoopie slings, and am considering using them as tie outs for my tarp. Has anyone done this? If so, does it work well enough? I'm kinda concerned about degradation of the strength of the twine, since its only 6 strands and relatively thin anyway, but there isn't much stress on a tarp tie-out. I also made a few lengths with fixed-eyes at each end, and I'm probably going to use them if the little slings don't work so well.

Any other cool uses for my $4.99 roll of bad-weather-distraction?