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Well Actually, what I did, (ok try and follow me) Was Invert the woopie sling so the adjustable end is connected to a continious loop which is attached to the hammock. Use a Dutch Biner to connect Woopie and Hammock. Larks head the dead eye through the webbing strap. and their ya go.
This is the same thing I ended up with. I ran the fixed loop on the whoopie through the fixed loop on the tree strap, then ran the end of the whoopie back through it's own fixed loop and pulled tight to create a larks head onto the fixed loop of the tree strap. The adjustable end of the whoopie is attached to a fixed loop off of the hammock with a Dutch biner. Originally I had it set up with a biner ran through the tree strap fixed loop, adjustable whoopie end through the biner, whoopie attached to fixed loop via larkshead, fixed loop attached to hammock. I really do prefer the ability to remove the suspension from the hammock if I want to, and also pulling the whoopie away from the hammock to tighten just feels more...right. The Dutch biners are also a good place to attach things like my poncho/undercover.