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    Getting started with a Jungle Hammock & Fly

    Ok, well, I live in an apartment, so I have to imagine how to hang the Jungle Hammock and Fly. I need to be able to picture it, so that when I find some trees I know what to do. Actually, I think there are some trees in a nearby park, but I might get some funny looks (hopefully I will be dismissed as some crazy foreigner, but there's always a chance I could be engaged in conversation with the local police). I apologise if this is a very low-level post, but I have never actually slept in a hammock before.

    I am going to use the stock equipment supplied. I need to get a couple of tent pegs to hold down the two sides of the fly. (One review of the Claytor stated that two cheap pegs were included, but this is not mentioned on the website, and indeed none were supplied).

    Obviously hammock hanging details are very similar for all designs, but each specific model will have its own 'tricks'. I shall detail the instructions here, and I hope to get corrections from you guys if I state something wrong, also, I will ask questions for you to clarify. The last message in this thread will then be a complete and correct summary of how to hang the Claytor Jungle Hammock and Fly. Hopefully this thread will remain for future reference.

    To prepare, I have tied the 4 supplied cords to each corner of the fly using a double sheet-bend. I have made a figure-of-8-on-a-bight[1] at one end of each of the long webbing straps at each end of the hammock. The mosquito net is pre-threaded with a loop of elastic and a length of cord at each end. There is a spare length of cord supplied.

    I need to find two trees a little further apart then the length of the long diagonal on the fly.

    * How much further apart? min? max?
    * What should be the minimum tree trunk/limb diameter?

    To hang the hammock I tie the fly to the trees about head height (?) along its long diagonal so that it is centred between the trees and pulled taut. I stake out the two other corners of the fly to the ground. I suppose hanging the fly could be done last, but doing it first would provide shelter if it was raining.

    * How high should the fly be hung? (Overhead, chest height?)

    Next, I wrap the hammock webbing straps around the tree at the same height as the fly cords and put the free end through the bight I tied earlier and secure with two half-hitches. The hammock should be hanging in an arc with the straps at an angle of about 30 degrees below the horizontal at the tree.

    * Should the hammock be hung from the same point on the tree as the fly? If not, how much lower than the fly?

    Finally I tie the net supporting cords to the tree to lift the mosquito net. If necessary I should fit spreader bars first.

    From this description it would seem that each end of the hammock, net and fly are all connected to the tree at the same point. Is that right?

    Is there anything more to it?

    Once I have tried this out I will then think about how to replace the webbing straps with rope and some of the other tasty mods that have appeared on this site.

    Thanks in advance,


    [1] The Claytor website states to use a bowline, but I can only tie a figure-8. I know it is strong enough.

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    You have described the set up well. I have a Claytor too, and I think you are going to love it.
    Hang your hammock between two trees about 16 or 18 feet apart for a ten foot Claytor. Hang the tarp about the same height which should be about head high. Let there be a sag in the hang of the hammock that allows you to sit in it and still reach the ground with your feet.
    Do not use rope to replace the nylon webbing that goes through the tunnel of the hammock. Rope is too abrasive and may damage the hammock. I use polyester webbing.
    After hanging the cords for the bug net about the same height as the others, find a stick about 16 inches or so long and put it trough the hoops, or at least the two outside loops on the bug net on each side to hold the netting away from your body and face.
    You will notice that you can see out all around you while laying in the Claytor which is not the case with wider hammocks. I love this about my Claytor. The Claytor tarp is adequate but in bad weather will need to be hung low, but not touching the hammock anywhere. Good luck. Mule
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