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Check out this post for an idea on adding room under the tarp.
Been musing on this. The pull-outs will pull the tarp away at the edges, which is good when the hammock's spreader bar is at the edges of the tarp's cut. Won't do the job if the tarp is large enough relative to the hammock so that the spreader bars are well inside. Such as, to pick not so random an example, the JRB 11x10 tarp.

But there's a way I think to pull the sides out all the way across the face of the tarp, and also permit the lower portion of the tarp wall to descend more steeply to the ground, and so give more protection from the side.

How about taking a lightweight replacement tent pole and run it the length of the tarp wall, attached at the sides where HC4U would put the extra tie-outs. Attach side tie-out lines to that , and as you pull on the ends the pole will bring the side out too.

Not straight unfortunately, unless you have really stiff poles. But who knows? It will be fun to try and see what happens.