I have a German Shepherd named "Snoopy". She is my constant companion. She is being trained as a "hearing ear dog" to accompany me traveling and in my professor duties at the college I teach at. (I am severely hard of hearing and wear hearing aids.) Snoopy alerts me when someone is at the door when I do not have my hearing aids in.

Snoopy also LOVES Hammocks! BIG TIME! I can be inside or outside stringing up my hammock and no matter if she is playing with my son, she leaves and waits quietly by my side until she sees I am ready to get in. After I get in (and ONLY AFTER mind you...) she waits for my invitation and jumps in right with me! She will lay in one alone, but does not really seem to feel safe as she does with me. I have spent some wonderful times and even a few nights with my girl in my hammock with me!

Any cool stories about your pets and hammocks?