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    I take my pomeranian with me (in my avatar) when I go camping. The first night it was a test because he could see out and every little leaf moving had him on edge. After that he was more relaxed and loves hanging and spending the night outdoors.

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    My medium poodle pulls at her lead and whines impatiently when I am setting up my hammock because she can't wait to get in for nap time However, she does have a very strong prey drive and launched off me once to chase some ducks that had wandered into our campsite. Fortunately I had the lead wrapped around my wrist, but I did get suddenly dragged onto the ground mid-nap.

    I haven't tried overnighting in my new hammock yet and am not sure how she would like that as she usually sleeps with me in bed. She's also slightly confused about the bugnet.

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    my 65# lab sleeps in my hammock with me. it wasn't the plan, but she got sick of the ground too. gear wise its great at 10 degrees. i use the full quilt and heavier hammock, but the weight is worth it. it saves me from carrying her shelter.
    PS i don't think a dog should carry ALL their gear.
    "Tenting is equivalent to a bum crawling into a cardboard box, hammocking is an art" KK

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