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    WBBB weight table rethink? (suggestions welcome)

    OK, so sorry if I missed this somewhere else... I thought I had it all figured out (I'm pretty sure I had my "search" bar smoking at one point) and then I saw a post in the other thread here on weight that has me rethinking. I didn't want to come off as hijacking, so here goes:

    I'm 6'4 and although at one point as high as 290 I've been holding strong under 260 for the last 18 months or so. I was SURE I needed/wanted a DL 1.7, then I saw a link in the other thread to a comment Brandon made referencing reworking the weight suggestions. I don't want to entertain a DL 1.1 if there's any chance it'll give or not be optimum, but the weight savings does interest me.

    I only ask because I really thought I was gonna get one for Christmas but it didn't happen. However, I've already talked to my wife about making it work and I think there's a strong possibility I'll have a green light when I wake up today (work nights, just got off). I will want to strike while the iron is hot, so any help is appreciated.

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    Very subjective.

    We have a double 1.1 Blackbird that I sleep in from time to time. I'm 6' and somewhere around 230. I sleep comfortably in the double 1.1, but if I've got my double 1.7 set-up and switch between the two, there is a noticeable difference. Not that the 1.1 is uncomfortable (I sleep like a baby in it), but the 1.7 is flatter and more comfortable in a head to head.

    Given that I'm about 60lbs lighter than you, my guess would be that you would notice even more fabric stretch. That may not be true and your body may prefer the extra fabric stretch, but unless you're really counting the ounces I would opt for the 1.7 material. If the goal is comfort, that's your best bet. If your goal is weight savings, the double 1.1 would, IMO, do you fine.
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    I have the 1.7 dbl WBBB and recently got a 1.1 dbl Traveler. I am 6-3 and 250 to 260. Pure subjective here but while I like both hammocks (both for their different charms) I love the way the Traveler lays. Had I to pick just one hammock to keep it would br the 1.1 dbl Traveler (and add the Skeeter net). YMMV because it seems different hammocks and weights are like aftermarket motorcycle you absolutely love on a common bike I may hate. Maybe start with the Traveler/WBBB in 1.1 dbl and if it does not work for you sell it here in 1.1 seconds.

    BTW I got the Traveler in 1.1 dbl when Brandon advised me it (and the 1.7 sngl) would work fine for me. Maybe now Brandon is over the hump of the Christmas rush he will be able to take a breath for your PM.

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