OK, so sorry if I missed this somewhere else... I thought I had it all figured out (I'm pretty sure I had my "search" bar smoking at one point) and then I saw a post in the other thread here on weight that has me rethinking. I didn't want to come off as hijacking, so here goes:

I'm 6'4 and although at one point as high as 290 I've been holding strong under 260 for the last 18 months or so. I was SURE I needed/wanted a DL 1.7, then I saw a link in the other thread to a comment Brandon made referencing reworking the weight suggestions. I don't want to entertain a DL 1.1 if there's any chance it'll give or not be optimum, but the weight savings does interest me.

I only ask because I really thought I was gonna get one for Christmas but it didn't happen. However, I've already talked to my wife about making it work and I think there's a strong possibility I'll have a green light when I wake up today (work nights, just got off). I will want to strike while the iron is hot, so any help is appreciated.