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    HH Hyperlite with Phenoix 3/4 UQ


    I'm pretty new to hamocking and bought a HH Hyperlite this summer. I got a few nights in and used a z-rest pad and sleeping bag. I enjoyed sleeping in the hamock but the pad/ sleeping bag combo was annoying. I'm heading out to thru hike the AT in 2011 and want to use the hyperlite but want to get an UQ. I've done a bit of research and like the phenoix 3/4 underquilt. Just wondering what your thoughts are on the compatability of this model with Hyperlite bottom entrance. I know the Nest is compatible with the bottom entrance but I didn't like it as much.

    Any input would be appreciated!

    Also, on a side note, for anyone using the hyperlite are you satisfied with the stock rain fly? I havn't had a chance to test it in the rain yet.


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    I have a Hyperlight, and mine fits perfectly! One thing I would mention is get the zipper mod done by 2QZQ, which ever one as they have a couple different mods, but, it made a great hammock, a awesome hammock! It will work fine without the mod, but will make using the hammock sooooooooooooo much easier, as well as getting the UQ positioned and if you have to do minor adjustments all you have to do is unzip, reach out, and do what you need! Instead of lean forward, or get out to make adjustments(I tried to make adjustments while in the hammock using and grabbing the fabric and it was a pain!

    As far as the stock tarp goes, in my honest opinion its a little small, for most but the best of weather in the heat of summer, I would recommend getting something like a OES tarp, a Warbonnet tarp, or a Gargoyle Tarp, these would give you great coverage, and would give you much more room for things like cooking under your tarp, or other camp chores, which would be a pain under the stock fly!

    It could be done, but my choice would be for a larger tarp with doors for the winter time on the trail (either removable, or attached)!

    There are a bunch of HF members that have done a thru hike with a hammock, try a search as there have been multiple threads started and they might give you some useful info!

    Good luck on your hike, and keep us posted on your ventures!!!
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    No way would I do a zipper mod to a hyperlite. Get the Nest, there is no other UQ for a hennessy, IMO. You won't know that until you've had CBS with a few others.

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    If you do the zipper mod, you can reach out and pull any UQ snug or reposition it if necessary. I would give it some thought. You could get the bottom entry sewn shut as well, if desired. Good to have options, imo.

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    I have a Hyperlite and a Crowsnest (Old-timey Phoenix) and they work great together, although I usually use it on a Warbonnet Blackbird. I restrain myself when I speak of Stormcrow's work, not because it is poor quality, but because it could be unfair to our other cottage industries that I haven't tried. Hammock Gear's suspension is extremely simple and easy to adjust.

    If you decide on the Phoenix, you will need either a short foam pad for your feet, or use your backpack. The Hennessy slit isn't a problem--even with Hennessy's own Supershelter you have to push the pad to the side. A 3/4 UQ dosen't cover too much of the Hennessy slit.

    I would forgo the JRB Nest, as that is really dedicated to a Hennessy product. Most HF members end up getting multiple hammocks, and often not Hennessy's. I thought I'd be immune to this when I got my Hyperlite, but alas, I am a Warbonnet owner as well. I would get the JRB No Sniveller, which can be used as a TQ, UQ, or serape. You'll need a TQ anyway, and this is probably the most versatile quilt available.

    An amputee can count the people who are satisfied with a Hennessy fly on one hand, and probably still have fingers to spare. There are plenty of options for larger and more useful tarps. Do you want Sil-nylon, Spinn, or Cuben?

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